“Lynda has made several presentations to our Worldwide Team based in the US and to our Global Community of Product Managers and Product Physicians held in Berlin, Lisbon and Miami. Her presentation style is highly professional and motivating and yet is delivered in a way that is open and personable. The teams were very responsive to you because you challenged them and were also supportive.”
Jenny Alltoft
Vice President
Pfizer Inc.

“The seminar was excellent! Extremely helpful and informative. Very encouraging and so timely! I have reviewed my notes several times since and am working to implement some of the strategies for successful goal setting.”
Suzanne Breinlinger
My Secret Treasures

“Lynda, thank you! Your words and actions have not only inspired me, but gave me the courage to actively pursue my “wild woman goals”
Debra Brookes

Lynda is an outstanding business development coach whose practical insights can help even the busiest lawyer become better at practice development.
Sandra Cohen,
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

“Thank you so much for helping make our Tanner Conference such a success. Your Keynote address touched so many and your workshops were right on target. I can’t help but feel you will play a part in our success this season.”
Ellyn Cooley
V.P. Product Marketing and Retail Stores
Tanner Companies

I think your session on change really helped set the tone for the rest of our National Sales Meeting.
William Congdon
Popular Mechanics

“Thanks for participating at the TIPPA Conference in 2007. For me, it was a very good talk, we needed more of an uplifting discussion and based on the questions after, I know it was well received by the audience.”
Dan Donovan
Envision Pharma Inc

“Lynda has assisted and provided her expertise on various occasions over the years within several Pfizer divisions. She has spoken at many different key leadership meetings in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. She has led a range of key team and leadership events that have resulted in stronger, more focused teams that are able to deliver on goals and work efficiently and effectively together.”
Christy Fleurat
Pfizer Global Research and Development

“I think that the day was the perfect combination of issues/substantive exercises and fun, networking exercises. I feel there was a very positive vibe at the end of the day – that to me is the sign of success!”
Lara Gill
Human Resources

“Lynda has a unique ability to connect with people, make them feel at ease and at the same time, challenge them to think about things they may prefer to let lay below the surface.”
Janis Grechko
Team Leader
Pfizer Inc.

“I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your perspectives on what it takes to be a “world-class team.” We look forward to having you speak to our group again.”
Brad Hakes
Team Leader
Pfizer Inc.

“I want to take a moment to thank you for yesterday. I am extremely appreciative of your cool head and facilitating skills to always seek out of us what we sometimes can’t say on our own. I, for one, feel that we accomplished a great deal – not only in squaring away some important process issues, but of course in clearing the air on that “emotional stuff” that too often impedes our work.”
Kathi Johnson
former Executive Vice President

“On the platform, Lynda is energetic and highly credible. This combination creates a motivated and engaged audience. Our participants’ comments were highly favorable on the depth of your subject matter expertise and your ability to engage them on a variety of challenging and complex issues.”
Stephen J. Kontra
Director – Leadership Education and Development
Pfizer Inc.

“You were GREAT, and really contributed to a great meeting! I appreciate everything – we were
lucky to have you.”
Mike Kresch
Executive Director, Marketing
Popular Mechanics

“We at the Business Development Committee wish to thank you very much for agreeing to participate and contributing to the success of our conference in such a significant way. We really enjoyed the day and the feedback we have had has been very positive indeed. In short, your star performance
made all our lights grow a little brighter.”
Grace Lamont

“We were all inspired by your presentation on “The Leader’s Legacy.” If you don’t mind, I’d like to pass on some of your thoughts to the rest of the organization.”
Bonnie Lieberman
Senior Vice President & General Manager
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

“Lynda has helped our alliance navigate through turbulence to a point of smooth sailing. She can be trusted to provide practical advice and tools to help both alliance companies achieve their goals.”
Ellen McCune
Vice President
EMD Serono

“Great meeting as usual. You’re the best!”
Veronica Piacek
Director Consumer Communications & Relations
Pfizer Inc.

“Thanks so much for facilitating our meeting. It’s not easy with this group. We appreciate and admire your style.”
Deborah Radcliffe
Team Leader, Relationship Marketing

“The presentations were tremendously effective because your presentation style is open and personable and yet highly professional and powerful. My team responded well to your guidance and advice because you challenged them and were also supportive of the work they had to do.
Susan Schulz
former Editor-In-Chief

“Lynda – I thank you for the great role that you played in helping us work through our alliance challenges. You were always such a professional and knew when to step in right when we needed you – which is why you are one of the top experts in your field.”
Erin Shevlin
Marketing Associate

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

“I had the benefit of working with a professional coach who knew the organization and had worked previously with others within it, as I took a new position in a fast growing company. I was lucky that Lynda was able to provide exceptional insights in her coaching sessions with me based on her deep knowledge of the organization.”
Kim Simon
Global Director – Patient Advocacy
Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Thanks so much, Lynda. The program was very well received and we really appreciate all of the time that you put into it. Again, thank you for a terrific program that really raised some excellent points for our women lawyers group.
Lisa Smith
Director, Marketing
Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP

“You have worked to help improve individual and team performance with a number of my senior management teams at Consolidated Edison (ConEd) and more recently at Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL). Further, you are a consummate professional and you speak extremely well and clearly communicate your position for learning and influence.”
Ronald Talbot
Indianapolis Power & Light

“I am still stunned that we got through as much as we did at our strategic Planning Session.”
Mario Ungaro
Executive Director

New York Women in Communications Foundation

“The coaches we use from EquiPro remain composed at all times and are able to short-cut through the ‘stuff’ and see straight to the center of the issue(s) at hand. They are great coaches because they have the ability to keep someone focused on those issues in an effort to make a long-term impact on improving.”
Kristine Welker
VP, Sales & Marketing
Digital Media
Hearst Magazines

“I’m much more confident and now know what I need to do to grow my practice as a result of working with a business development coach like Lynda. She helped me find my own “style” so that I feel more comfortable marketing myself.”
Heidi Winzeler
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

“Thank you so much for the kind words and for the wonderful and spot-on presentation that you gave. I’ve heard really positive comments and have heard your quote “what got us here, won’t get us there” repeated a few times already!
It was so nice to work with you and I’m so glad that you were able to join us and share your valuable insights. THANK YOU!!”
Tonya L. Houck
Director, Head of Clinical Quality Management
Pfizer, Inc.

“On behalf of the DOLF Planning Team and all of the DOLF Participants I want to THANK YOU for your talk, time spent with us afterwards, and your level of energy and commitment to helping us find ways to stay engaged during tough times now and those that will face us in the future. The slides you sent this week will be extremely helpful to all of our Leaders as they look at ways to keep themselves and their staff “in the game” when it’s not always easy. The exercises we went through were a great opportunity to step back for a moment and recognize ourselves for the good work we do. Thank you again. Your time and flexibility were greatly appreciated.”
Marilyn Citron
Development Operations Communications & Business Manager
Pfizer Global Research and Development

“You did an outstanding job at a time of change for our group/company. You hit on a number of key themes that really resonated with the audience and brought a nice personal touch to the presentation by using quotes from our leaders. It showed you were in-tune with our business and needs. You might be interested to hear that the colleagues I spoke to were very impressed and motivated by your work and engaging approach. Personally, I found the messages clear and I have applied some of the questions to my own circumstances.
I want to thank you for your sincere and energizing presentation.”
Andrew Lee
Vice President
Pfizer Global Research and Development

“In working with Lynda on a highly complex alliance partnership, I witnessed first hand, as a co-facilitator, her ability to uncover issues with accuracy. She is not shy to approach issues head on with delicacy and tact. She did this in the backdrop of a project with high change and high visibility, and understood the system perspective brilliantly!”
Stephen Romano
Associate Director Leadership Development
Biogen Idec

“Thank you again for speaking at our event. Every single woman in the room raved about you.”
Rebecca Gecan
Professional Woman in Healthcare

Lynda did a fabulous job presented to our Seminole Chamber Business Connections & Education Workshop. We were so honored to have her!
Gretchen Cain Wells
Assistant Executive Director
Business Assistance Specialist
Seminole Chamber of Commerce